It’s a picnic ~ being creative!

New Year ~ summer break ~ welcome to another year of change.  Some people will bury their heads, while others will hear the sounds of rustling and go and investigate 🙂

For me – it’s definitely a chance to catch up – and twitter tells the same story; @jokay is working on Aion prettiness. @betchaboy is dancing a wordpress tango (fill out his survey to help him); @Kim Cofino has made the big move to her own hosted domain.

A bunch of us started our photo journey through 2010 ~ for me a Year in Photos was born. I’ve placed an image link to it in my blog’s sidebar.

I’ve added Books I’m Reading to my blog as well ~  a link to my  professional reading from now on.  I always meant to do along with my photo journey memories, this will keep tabs on the great things I read to inspire my professional work ( I’m also pleased to see that when Library Thing is down for scheduled maintenance I don’t get scrambled rubbish in the sidebar! Terrific).

And once again I was amazed at how much we do online. Being creative really is a picnic these days!! Don’t believe me? Check out how easy it is to play with images with Flickr and Picnic.

If you haven’t used it yet, Picnik is photo editing awesomeness, online, in your browser. It’s the easiest way on the Web to fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply effects to my photos.  The incredibly handy Firefox extension Picnic Tool not only adds an ‘Edit in Picnik’ option to my right-click menu, it even lets me screen capture an entire website and edit it right in Picnik.  I enjoy tools like this as I am no Photoshop expert!

Don’t forget Kwout either – I used it to make a new image link to Second Classroom for my blog’s sidebar, sending it straight to  Flickr from Kwout ready to embed. Too easy!

Welcome to my new banner!  Might make a new one tomorrow 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s a picnic ~ being creative!

  1. I was just thinking about making a page on my blog with all the books I’ve been reading (or have already read and really enjoyed). I love the idea of keeping a good record of the books that have made a big impact on my thinking. Can’t wait to take a look at your list too!

    • Hi Kim,

      I just created a blog: Since I am first learning how all of this works, it will take me awhile to set up my blog the way I want. Have patience, but I will definitely be posting books I’ve read to it. It will be interesting to see if we’ve read any of the same books.

  2. I am just starting to blog and am reviewing different sites to see what information people put on them. I am a high school educator and really like your website. I clicked on many of the links to read about the topics discussed.

    I am planning on incorporating a Book List blog for my students, so your “Books I’m Reading” section caught my eye. However, I might add a brief summary about the books to help students select books that correlate to their interests. I also hope to open discussions on the books the students read. I am excited about starting this new venture and hopes it goes as well as I want it to go.

  3. Thanks for the reminder about Picnic! I am in the process of redoing (or wanting to redo) my layout and maybe I’ll use picnic to create a blog button, which I don’t have yet. Your new banner is pretty cool!

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