The Art of (old) Books – publishers’ bindings

Publishers Bindings Online, 1825 – 1930: The Art of Books is a wonderful gallery of decorative bindings with supporting essays.

The aim of this digital collection of decorative bindings, along with a comprehensive glossary and guide to the elements of these objects, is to strengthen the growing interest in and create broader awareness for the “common” object called the book.

The digital galleries of bindings  reflect distinct eras, geographic locations, and single authors and titles. They are useful for learning about aspects of 19th- and early 20th-c. American history, life, and culture.

You may just like to browse the Artistic Movements Galleries. Publishers bindings are an interesting way of exploring the advent of modern art and the impact on the artistic styles of the time on book design.

Also includes historical galleries; literary galleries; teaching tools and lesson plans; research tools and bibliography resources.

Worth a visit!

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