Timelines: Sources from history

A new interactive history timeline developed by British Library allows students and teachers to explore collection items chronologically for the first time. www.bl.uk/timeline

Comparing the Peasants’ Revolt with the Punk Revolution or medieval astrology with the Apollo moon landings might appear unconnected at first, but the British Library’s new interactive timeline will allow students to get a sense of change, continuity and chronology when studying historical events.

Bringing together material from the Library’s vast collections and using cutting-edge technology, users will now be able to discover historical connections and create links in an exciting multimedia experience.

(via British Library)

2 thoughts on “Timelines: Sources from history

  1. I think that Timelines is a very useful learning tool for differnt reasons.

    First of all it can help students to discover historical connections and get a sense both of change and continuity through time and help students develop their understanding of historical, chronological change.

    Moreover enable students and teachers to better access original source material.

    In conclusion I think that Timelines should be used by the students and teachers.

  2. What a valuable learning tool that really allows students to connect the dots of how one event may have influenced another event over the course of the years. I would personally like to use this for a musical time line. Thanks for sharing, Judy.

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