3 thoughts on “Alice for the iPad – lovely!

  1. It goes without saying that I spend an inordinate (and sometimes ungodly) amount of time online, reading and consuming content. Whether it be in the form of news reports, opinions or simple musings on blogs, I love the written word. From Apartment Therapy to the UI musings of some of my dear friends, I view reading online as a way of constantly stuffing my brain with great ideas.

    In recent years, my media consumption has gone up drastically, thanks to the iPhone. Now, whenever I get a chance, I fire up my Newsgator app and start checking out some of my favorite blogs and news sites. However, one thing the iPhone has not been able to do is become a convenient way to create content.

  2. Love it! (and so does our Primary school Principal!) I will aim to get some I-Pads in the Library that I can lend to students so they can enjoy these wonderful new resources that are coming.

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