Digital literacy across the curriculum

Digital Literacy across the Curriculum (pdf), from FutureLab, UK, is a 63-page handbook aimed at educational practitioners and school leaders in both primary and secondary schools who are interested in creative and critical uses of technology in the classroom. The handbook is supported by case studies (pdf) of digital literacy in practice and video case studies.

The handbook aims to introduce educational practitioners to the concepts and contexts of digital literacy and to support them in developing their own practice aimed at fostering the components of digital literacy in classroom subject teaching and in real school settings.

Developing digital literacy is important  because it supports young people to be confident and competent in their use of technology in a way that will enable them to develop their subject knowledge by encouraging their curiosity, supporting their creativity, giving them a critical framing for their emerging understandings and allowing them to make discerning use of the increasing number of digital resources available to them. p.10

Developing digital literacy in the classroom can allow students to apply their existing knowledge of creating with digital technology to learning in school and in the process be supported to think more critically and creatively about what it is they are doing. p.24

Fostering creativity in the classroom involves applying elements of creativity to subject knowledge. This can be done in all subjects across the school curriculum. p.25

This is an outstanding document that can be used as an information primer for helping schools develop a whole-school approach – particularly relevant in the current 1:1 laptop scenario in Australia.

8 thoughts on “Digital literacy across the curriculum

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  7. The push for digital literacy is a worthy one, but the mainstream of teachers (who grew up in a media-consuming, not media-creating world) will need a lot of practical support. I am confident that, as they develop their own digital literacy they will appreciate the importance of passing it onto their students.

    Inspiralit ( is a non-profit, free-to-use attempt to provide teachers with instantly usable Digital Literacy teaching ideas, that can be used across the curriculum. Please use the resources and, if you can, add some of your own ideas.

  8. Thanks for pointing that out, Judy – my latest Futurelab newsletter was languishing in my ‘to be read (at some stage when I get around to it)’ pile!

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