The world is now a global village

Marshall McLuhan explores  the world as a Global Village in 1960 –  with extraordinary relevance to our 21st century reality!

Electronic media haven’t wiped out the book. It’s used, read and wanted now more than ever. But the role of the book has changed. It’s no longer alone. It no longer has sole charge of our outlook nor our sensibilities. Of course the trouble is, we act as if we were still solely in the age of the book.

Oh yeah!

3 thoughts on “The world is now a global village

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  3. Hi Judy,

    You should try to get hold of McLuhan’s book from 1962 called ‘The Gutenberg Galaxy’ which is where, I think, he first used the phrase ‘global village’. It is a very rich text, full of ideas, some of them difficult to grasp on first reading (and some still proving difficult for me after many reading – but that’s just about me!).

    It’s out of print, by the way, so you might have to get it from ABE Books or a similar outlet.

    I hear, by the way, that you are coming to Scotland – when will you be here?


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