Pass the [password] test

Here’s a great tool to demonstrate password strength to staff, students, family and friends.  Try out your usual favourites and see how they fair!

I ran some of my trusty passwords through it and found pretty much what I expected.

One regular password I use for sites that I don’t care about much in terms of security came up as taking 13 minutes to crack.

The next regular password I use,  which is alphanumeric,  rated a score of 2 hours.

My best score ? 15 thousand years for a desktop PC to crack!  Nice!

Regrettably my online banking password failed miserably – at 3 minutes!!    Ok, back to the password drawing boards for me.

No idea how valid this is.  But it’s useful for making people think!

Thanks for the fun tip from Yvonne @southoz

7 thoughts on “Pass the [password] test

  1. Thanks Judy for this post – I am a bit behind reading your blog
    However, your password post is on our next staff meeting agenda. Serious stuff re: your best password would take 15,000 yrs to crack – well done!

    Whoooohooo – I have just tried my super dooper 14 character school technical password and it stated that it would take 19 million years to crack!

    Seriously safe in other words:) thanks for your work Judy

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