Millenials and the Smithsonian commons

This video has great value in explaining not only what the Smithsonian commons has to offer millenials, but also the concepts that drive the learning environment of our students today!

1 thought on “Millenials and the Smithsonian commons

  1. Hi Judy!
    I think it’s interesting that you and some of your readers (like @enzofsilva) have picked up on that “content, use, and community are inseparable” line – – that’s one of my favorites too! And it’s really helped me communicate with people about the idea that it’s not enough to just put stuff online (though that’s a great thing to do) but it’s the combination of stuff, people, and re-use that creates a virtuous cycle of learning & network effects. Content without community and re-use is like a hamburger without french fries and pickles.

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