Slipping into change

Here we are in 2011, and as usual a new year brings with it surprises and the opportunities for change. I have been very busy one way or another preparing for some personal change as I get myself ready for  full-time work as Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Charles Sturt University.

You know it’s really happening when you receive a proof of your business card – which will be ready for me to collect when I travel down to Wagga Wagga in February (though I will be based in Sydney most of the time).

I am a little nervous, but also excited about this change. I know I will really enjoy the opportunity to spend more time engaging at a professional level with people involved in the information profession in education, school, community and service sectors.

I have some outstanding colleagues in the field, both within Charles Sturt University, and at other universities here in Australia and worldwide.  I can’t wait to interact with them, and learn from their wisdom and experience.

I want to mention four of them (there ARE many others!), as they have been involved in key stages  towards this new venture of mine.

Michael Stephens at Tame the Web has been an inspiration  for many years (he also wrote the Forward for Connect, Communicate, Collaborate), and an awesome role model for a new lecturer in this discipline 🙂  Thanks Michael!

Some time along the way, I met James Herring from Dunbar Scotland who  now teaches  at  CSU. He got me involved in some adjunct work in Teacher Librarianship.

I have also been encouraged by Lyn Hay, especially in exploration of teaching to library students in virtual worlds and uses of social networking for learning.

Of course, Kathryn Greenhill never stops inspiring me!  No sooner had I started blogging, than she was there to encourage. Her work continues to drive the future directions of information knowledge work, and since she is also now working as an Associate Lecturer in Information Studies  at  Curtin University there’ll be virtually nothing to stop us!  (well, she is in Western Australia, and I’m in Sydney)

So there it is!  New directions, and new challenges for 2011.  I have travelled such a journey in my own career – from typing catalogue cards in the Rare Book Library at the University of Sydney (my first ever library job- see the gorgeous Book of Hours that came into the collection when I was there )  – to teaching and learning with new and evolving information professionals.

From a world of books to a world transmedia and transliteracy  – who could ask for more?

I’ll be teaching the following subjects:  Services to Children and Young Adults;  Digital Citizenship in Schools;  and  Teacher Librarianship.

I’m also going to be  involved in a number of workshops, conference presentations, and more.  It is a great opportunity to be able to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and be involved in planning and development of knowledge services and information curation in real and virtual/online environments.  It’s just awesome to have these bookings in my professional calendar already!

What can I say??  It’s astounding how much change has taken place – and I love every minute of it!!

18 thoughts on “Slipping into change

  1. A very exciting time for you Judy. It’s great seeing CSU employ someone like you who walks the talk. I’ve no doubt the students will benefit enormously from your knowledge base. Good luck.

  2. Hey Judy,
    Impressive business card :), next the logins etc and things really achieve actuality. How lucky the students are to have a teacher who is highly proficient in current and ongoing practice, an all too rare situation. Enjoy the opportunities for your own personal growth too.

    • Thanks very much John. You’re right – it’s the logins and the online tools that really make the difference. The changing scenario is exciting, and I do hope the students I work with will also be excited, at least some of the time, with the learning they will be engaged with 🙂

  3. Best wishes on your new adventures. I look forward to learning from you as you take the lecturing job and bring to it your creativity, conscientiousness and smart way of sorting through the chaff…

    Right back at you Jude. You have no idea how much it buoys me up to hear you say such nice things – very,very encouraging.

    There WILL be no stopping us – virtually or otherwise. Bring it on…

  4. This is so exciting for you Judy! I am going to be moving from a job as elementary school Library Media Specialist to either a high school, college, or public library in Youth Services this year. My current job will be fazed out so I am going to be laid off and am currently searching. The possibilities that I see opening up are very exciting. I will be following you to learn from you and I think your new position is going to be so exciting & fun! Thanks for sharing your knowledge & experiences with us here!

    • Looks like you will also have your share of excitement coming up too! Best of luck as you seek a new pathway for using your knowledge and skills. I hope 2011 is kind to you in just the ways you hope and do enjoy the adventure!

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  6. Judy, I know you’ll go out and own it. I very recently jumped off my own cliff hoping to fit my wings on the way down and I can share that I think it was the best decision I could have made in the context of the times. Do the next right thing, and I know you well enough to know that you know what that is. Congratulations and all good well wishes your way!

    • Scott, like you I’m a bit of a cliff jumper, and like you, I hope this is a great abseil! Thanks for your kind words. How amazing to have such a strong global PLN! I still remember the restful evening spent with you and others when in Denver last year. Thanks heaps to you for your inspiration. You were my first proper tour guide over on ISTE island – if I recall correctly. Amazing times indeed.

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