Work and learning

Effective working now requires an employee to recognize what information is required, to know how to seek out that information, evaluate it’s relevance and reliability, and to be able to translate that information into learning and actionable tasks. And this evaluation needs to be done constantly and consistently throughout an individuals career. Employers now have to accept that learning is an essential part of being able to get the job done – learning IS work.

Oh – at last! It’s worth reading perspectives from beyond the hallowed halls of education – after all, that’s where  our students are all heading in some way or another.

The rest of the post also has further gems in it.

via NoddleSoft.

1 thought on “Work and learning

  1. Agreed: I wonder, given ICT is to a degree a vagabond, which originally found a home with Mathematics and has spend a decade or so living awkwardly on it’s own … if it might be moving in with Social Studies, as it appears to attract as much attention from this corner as it does with science these days?

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