What happens when you think outside the box?

THINK Global School is a travelling, international highschool which opened in September 2010.  The current group of 15 students and their teachers  don’t have a physical school building, but move every 90 days to another city somewhere in the world.  They study via the local museums and other cultural organisations in an anyplace, anytime classroom organised around their learning tools – an iPhone, iPad and Macbook ProImagine. Think Global is about doing  schooling in 12 countries in 12 trimesters.   Takes a lot of dollars, but what a great chance for some. Do parents get to go along?

via Edubeacon

2 thoughts on “What happens when you think outside the box?

  1. This is a brilliant concept that could be tweaked to fit in with @snbeach and her concept of dream school. If we can’t afford to travel perhaps we can use virtual experiences. I’ve been thinking about pulling out some walls in the building I work in. Perhaps I need to take that concept further!
    Thanks for sharing Jude

  2. Thanks Jude for keeping us all update. With this post, I have just found a valuable resource to link Web2 participants back to in Term 3. One of our modules is on Virtual Worlds and so this is a timely find – just updating the resources this week!

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