QR codes in the classroom and the library

4 thoughts on “QR codes in the classroom and the library

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  2. These scavenger hunts are so much fun!

    I composed a similar ‘LRC Mystery Tour’ using QR codes at Loreto for Yr 7 library orientation earlier in the year. The girls loved it!

    Our checkpoints/clues were somewhat similar (eg. locating resources, using the library catalogue, navigating the LRC website, understanding LRC services & staff, using the photocopiers/printers etc) and the clues were held in Google Docs. Scanning a QR code revealed the URL of a specific Google Doc which contained the next clue (eg. http://goo.gl/5XaVA). The QReader software was installed on students’ laptops, so students could scan the codes using their webcams. Of course, if phones were encouraged in the classroom, this would be simpler…

    Frustratingly though, time limitations this year ultimately meant that a few ‘checkpoints’ in the mystery tour had to be chopped out, and the QR-scanning was skipped at the last minute for classes (we hid the physical clues instead, ‘old school’ style ;P). The QR method worked beautifully for the individual students who piloted the full ‘LRC Mystery Tour’ though… fingers crossed we can secure some extra lesson time next year for the complete experience!

    Thanks for sharing this presentation. Gwyneth & Joyce always have something interesting to offer.

    • You ARE always doing brilliant things at your school. I hope you share them at the conference in October! I’d love to share some of this with my CSU students too….thanks very much for sharing.

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