Too easy – with EasyBib

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Here’s another tool that I have decided to make my own. After the post  by Stacey on Using EasyBib  I’ve given their EasyBib App a go. When it comes to collecting and storing information about resources I think this App has got to be considered cool!

With this App you can create accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations in seconds by scanning a book bar code or by typing the name of a book. Once done, you can email your citations. You could also export your citations to’s popular bibliography management service.

It’s also interesting to read that OCLC and ImagineEasy Solutions, LLC are collaboratingto create a customizable library version of the service. The EasyBib Library Edition service has been rolled out with select OCLC member libraries. This is one to watch for schools too.  The Library Edition will offer a variety of features designed to extend library reach and usage, such as:

  • Library-branded interface
  • Links to library home page and catalog
  • Search box for easy discovery of additional resources at your library and beyond
  • Integration with virtual reference services
  • IP redirects to your library’s customized version
  • Deep links into a library’s OPAC
  • Integration with the OpenURL Gateway.

But in the meantime, I think my EasyBib app is a great way for me to keep a record of resources or create a reading list!

Have you tried the EasyBib App on your mobile device?

3 thoughts on “Too easy – with EasyBib

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  2. Heck, I use Zotero. It will automatically import citation information from many databases for more than just books. To easily import a book, I just look it up in Amazon and Zotero will import the data directly from Amazon.

    • Heck, I use Zotero too !! But this App is great when I am ‘out and about’ and lets me do things that I can’t do when I am working online! Zotero just doesnt’ have a tool for this. In addition, when it comes to schools, many of them cannot/do not use Zotero, so if they are using EasyBib, this App is a cool enhancement.

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