Plant a little library

Seems that small is good, in even more ways than I realised.  Take a look at these Tiny House Libraries – this  free sharing initiative also helps communities promote the  fun of reading!

These Little Free Libraries are about ‘paying it forward’. People can take a book and return a book when they can. The scheme is simple and generous. Plant a small box, kind of like a bird house for books, atop a post. Fill it with about 20 books. Tell friends…

Read more about it at .  Some of these are just so cute!

5 thoughts on “Plant a little library

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  3. These really are adorable. I love the one with pawprints all over it. I think this would be great for, say, my apartment building, or the break room at work. But I hope they will supplement, and lead people to also visit, the real, government-funded, huge-selection-of-books public libraries that also serve many other community needs.

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