Libraries and social media X

Wednesday was just the kind of day we need more of in our libraries!  Wollongong City Libraries (WCC) are taking charge of their future in a very positive way. Having decided that social media is now an essential part of the future of library services, WCC took the initiative to schedule a Staff Development Day for all the staff.

No easy thing to do – but Wollongong City and Branch Libraries closed ALL their doors on Wednesday 7 March to focus on their e-initiatives and Social Networking strategy.

The Social Networking Team has already laid the foundations for this important initiative, but the message on Wednesday was that everyone was now part of the conversation.  Their Facebook page is just the beginning of their future!

Guest speakers provided wonderful ideas to stimulate thinking to help the group discussions. I personally enjoyed the contributions from  Leanne Perry (State Library of NSW) and Kimberly Williams (University of Wollongong).

Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery OAM dropped in to catch the vibe @ the Library Staff Development day. His words of encouragement were the best I have heard in a long time from a public figure. He was delighted with the energy of the social media shift!

Libraries represent our values, expand our minds, help in the construction of our realities and test them.  Libraries provide opportunities for the expansion of personal horizons, no matter what life circumstances have been.

One of our own CSU students, who was a keen leader in my Social Networking for Information Professionals Facebook group in 2011 was right there in the thick of it all! Fantastic work Clara!  The energy and buzz generated throughout the day was outstanding, and I know that I was the luckiest person on the planet to be there, and to have been chosen to provide the Keynote presentation for the day! Thank you Wollongong City Libraries.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by *MarS

8 thoughts on “Libraries and social media X

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  2. Thanks Judy for a great presentation. I viewed it online thanks to of a shared link from Sue. I am studying Mst Info Studies at CSU doing my first 2 units INF405 & INF429. This was a great insight into other social media technologies that I haven’t come across yet. I look forward to crossing paths at CSU. Best regards, Mel

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  4. Thank You Judy for sharing your knowledge and inspiring Wollongong City Library staff for what promises to be a challenging future for libraries. A real mind shift. Clara

  5. wow that is such a cool idea 🙂 i mean if we did that in the UK it would stop our libraries being closed down! what an amazing technique to keep the interest in libraries, they are so important yet are being shunned and ignored 😦
    keep smiling

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