Evolving Personalised Information Construct

I’ve been waiting for Google Drive – really I have! This is why ….the Google Grid!

Do you remember how spine-chilling the video EPIC 2015 was to view back in 2006? It was shown to us at work, as part of a professional development session, and I sat on the edge or my seat while the hairs on my arm stood on end.

EPIC (evolving personalised information construct) is pretty much here – and for me Google Drive is just another piece of the inevitable jigsaw that represents the Googalization of the world.

When we finally hit 2015, and some other  Museum of Media History creates a history of our media times, I wonder how it will compare?  How about making it a project for kids? Was 2004 the year everything began?  Watch the video and decide.

Top image:cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Jason A. Samfield

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