A new role, a new field of dreams, curiosity and passion

As I settled down to write this quick post, I decided to go back and visit what I wrote about Slipping into Change back in early January 2011. Then I wrote about the new directions and new challenges of my professional move to work full-time work as Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Charles Sturt University.

How lucky have I been to join such a wonderful group of people in the School of Information Studies, and to be involved with our ongoing work with students in all walks of life who are passionate about libraries and the information profession.

Now, at the start of my third year, I’m preparing myself for another set of challenges, that will be driven by dreams, curiosity and passion – otherwise there’s not point to it all!

Come February I’ll be stepping into the role of Course Director for the School of Information Studies.  This builds on my experience gleaned in the role of Course Director (Teacher Librarianship) in the latter half of 2012, and rather magically allows me to work in the whole field of dreams that spans libraries, information studies, archives, information management and teacher librarianship.

OK….. I know that there will be heaps of work.  Great days and bad days. Projects that succeed and projects that fail. But always, there will be dreams, curiosity and passion. This is a new role, and promises to be one that will be successful just because we have a wonderful team that works together to make our dreams a reality.

What a surprising opportunity!  I never expected this two years ago!

Come with me on my latest exploration of the possible and the dreams. This is your adventure as much as mine because it is through you, my professional network, that my curiosity and passion is ignited.

I heart my network. Thank you!

Image: Heart cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by seyed mostafa zamani

7 thoughts on “A new role, a new field of dreams, curiosity and passion

  1. Judy, as one of your former digital preservation students at CSU I echo the congratulations of others. I’m thrilled that your talent and expertise has been recognised. Tread boldly.

  2. What a wonderful promotion. Congratulations and good luck. I will continue to follow your input through Twitter and facebook, which enables me to keep learning too.

  3. Congratulations Judy, your passion and enthusiasm will lead you through the low points – there is always more to be discovered and shared and you do both with verve.

  4. So happy for you Judy!! It sounds like your dream job indeed! Seems we’re both embarking on new challenges for 2013 …. great to be sharing a new professiojnal journey with another colleague. Here’s to the best of years 🙂

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