End of another era!

Rather surprisingly to me, I have had this blog since 2006, when writing a web journal was new, and amazingly clunky. But there was a real desire for educators to learn about and become familiar with working, writing, thinking, sharing and in general ‘being online’.  Since then of course we have traversed many platforms, virtual and digital, but some foundational activities remain the same.

Students in schools and tertiary education still write online. Reflective practice is still highly relevant.  That being said, this blog now remains as an archive of over a decade of thinking and writing while I worked in schools, school education support, and tertiary education.  I am still working as Senior Lecturer and Course Director at Charles Sturt University, but as I plan to take a significant chunk of leave in 2019, I will hold off from a return to this writing here for another year (or so).

Have a good 2019 everyone!

1 thought on “End of another era!

  1. Thank you Judy for your reflections over so many years which have inspired my own thinking and research. I also thank you very much for your support with my PhD research pilot. I plan to complete my thesis by mid 2019. If your leave brings you to Adelaide please let me know. Best wishes for a fabulous year.

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