Hello world!

Starting from nowhere! is how it feels to launch this blog.

However, the need to know, understand, and be part of the transformation that is the Web today seems to me to be almost dramatically urgent. What is worst is that here in Australia the dialogue, or passing conversation, has hardly begun.

Yes, there are some good OZ blogs sharing educator’s thoughts and experiences – I will add these as I go to help inform our develoments. But overall, out here on the Web, there are so many blogs, wikkis, lenses and many other places to find information, that it is easy to be challenged about what we are doing in education in the use of digital tools in the changing digital world.

So I will start at my own beginning, and hope that some will join me in the fantastic roller-coaster ride to a new Web world!

I really just want to urge all educators to do cool things! Time to chuck our preconceptions away! Time to undertake a journey of discovery. Time to influence the shape of things to come.

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