Direct from Scotland and a report of a keynote address by Alan November to150 educators – some thoughts that resonate here and now:

" After showing off the San Diego classroom where each student has his or her own desk and computer (i.e. their own office), he is now showing off the power of Google and how a search for "miserable failure" turns up the White House and George Bush. Students need taught how to use the internet, how to interpret information and analyse it, not how to use computers. We need to teach Information and Communications, not the Technology.This is nothing new for edubloggers, of course, who are able to tap into November-like thoughts every day of the year. But this room is full of around 150 educators, most of whom don't have a blog and so it's great to see the message getting through to a new wave of teachers."

As I write this post, Ewan McIntosh (who writes edublogs.com about learning in Scottish schools) is right there in the auditorium commenting, using his wifi connection. Up comes the message – stay online! I will, as I am keen to learn more about that conference!

2 thoughts on “eLive!

  1. Thanks Ewan. It wasn’t till you posted this comment that I realised the similarity – and how I made the mistake – never really thought about the URL till then. Never mind – I love to read your posts!

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