Managing Digital: Innovations, Initiatives & Insights

The 21st Annual Computers in Libraries conference and exhibition was held in Washington, D.C., on March 22-24, 2006.

Computers in Libraries is the leading conference for librarians and information professionals who need to know about the latest technologies, equipment, software, and services available.

Even if you couldn't attend the Computers in Libraries 2006 Conference, you can read the articles, view the powerpoint prentations, listen to the podcasts, or visit the web sites of the many presenters including Debbie Abilock (of NoodleTools fame), Joyce Valenza, and Alice Yucht, all of whom have the school library perspective.

There are almost five dozen presentations. Topics include:

  • Plagiarism: Confrontation or Collaboration?
  • Virtual School Libraries and 21st-Century Service
  • We Get the Picture: Visual Literacy in the Media Center and Beyond
  • Podcasting 101
  • The Exploding Future of Social Communication
  • Searching the New Digital Formats
  • Using RSS for Really Savvy "Resourcery
  • How Bloglines Made Me Look Brilliant
  • Collaborative e-Learning communities
  • Failing to innovate – Not and option
  • Many more

Available from InfoToday here.

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