Web 2.0 and teaching

Recent read of Teaching.Hacks through my Bloglines aggregator (how much is there to catch up on!!) has brought an excellent tool to my attention – I am thrilled with the move to Wiki of the Teaching Hacks resource. Check it out right here.
I plan to add this Wiki to my PD toolkit. Useful points to highlight:

  • lots of connections to show the strong relationship between learing and teaching in a Web 2.0 world
  • An explanation of Creative Commons (for those who are new to the concept) and how this applies to schools and copyright issues
  • everything else you need – RSS, Social Bookmarking, messaging
  • innovative tools and how to use them
  • information literacy also rates a good mention

Any comments go directly to the blog which you will find here.

In addition, Quentin of Teaching.Hacks talked about Risk Taking Educators and Web 2.0.

” I am curious if those educators who are willing to post to blogs, collaborate in wikis, and generally participate in the read/write web are more likely to take risks than other educators. I’m thinking that I would see a strong correlation, but you never know.

I thought I would create an informal survey and base it on Gene Calvert’s Risk Attitudes Inventory.”

You might consider taking part in the survey.

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