Cheap access, cool tool

Cool Tool: Digital Library Cards

Teachers, technologists, and teacher librarians are always on the lookout for new tools and new deals to help in the research process.

Some time ago I downloaded Flock, intending to try this product out for information gathering and information dissemination.

So go ahead and read about good value digital library cards. The post from Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools is a salient reminder of the changes that have taken place in the information access business – and the new things we can do if we shop around. I guess some might be interested in the NY Public Library Card. Our own NYPLC?

The web browser for you and your friends.

However, the interesting thing to me is the use of Flock web snippets and blogging tool to create this post. I like the feature of dropping web snippets onto a storage space on the fly,  which is then available for comment and compilation when I am ready to blog. This snippet can be text or an image. I am not sure about image placement yet, but this “grab and use” from one place technique is great!

I need to be able to move images around and position them in relation to the message. So far this needs more testing for me to be happy with it.  However, as an overall approach I think Flock is going to be well worth trying further – particularly with Blogger to speed up creating posts.

There is far more to explore, but I’ll leave the rest of that exploration up to you!

Blogged with Flock

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