Digital Students @ Analog Schools

I would like to introduce you to Marco Torres a social studies teacher, media coach, and education technology director at San Fernando High School. He has received numerous honors and awards for his work helping students empower themselves through the mastery of multimedia. He serves as one of Apple’s Distinguished Educators and is an advisory board member of The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

Not that I was able to attend the Building Learning Communities conference in Boston from the 17th to the 20th, but the blogosphere is agog with the ‘inspiration’ of this educator.

I know that we have a job ahead of us in convincing our teachers to engage with new technologies and change their thinking in order to engage with the Google Generation. But nothing is better than hearing the need for change from students.

Click Here to see a movie made by digital learners about how they are trapped in schools who still teach using analog strategies. This is American. This is College. But this is reality, and so this neatly packaged movie clip expresses student thoughts nicely, using media to communicate the message – that teachers NEED to change.

Students find their voice through multimedia.

Marc’s title words on his website are a motivational call to us all…..

stay curious, stay hungry, be creative!

Thanks to the 21st Century Collaborative for this info.

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