Podomatic excitement

Joseph, a senior maths and IT teacher writing at Computers & 21CEduk8n left a nice comment on my podomatic site about my podcast.

Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

But better still, Joseph followed it up with a great post on podomatic Podomatic = Podmail and the unique options possible with podmail. Now, that’s creative, distributive, digital learning!

Well worth a read.

3 thoughts on “Podomatic excitement

  1. HeyJude,
    Thanks for the compliment. I hope to turn the idea into reality, but as we have major exams coming up, I don’t want to distract the students at this late stage.
    I may have to do some preparation for next year. I’m looking at making some screencasts for my Year 9 Maths classes and putting them onto our school network. May use the idea to follow through what may happen.

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