The internet, yesterday, today and tomorrow

Extraordinary as it may seem, we are living through a significant part of world history, as startling as the changes heralded by the invention of the Gutenberg press.


Whether of not you need convincing that radical times are upon us, you can’t afford to miss exploring Imagining the Internet. Here you will find past, present and future; voices, predictions, visionaries and kids; as an ongoing record and dialogue of developments. Best fun of all is reading theVox Populi – crazy and thought-provoking!

The debate and developments around MySpace continues. Mashable reports on MySpace alliance with Seventeen as well as the development of the MySpace Guardian toolbar.

Seventeen has a Saftey Guide for Parents available for download.

We are working hard to stay in touch with Internet developments, and help our teachers and school community work effectively with the developing internet and Web 2.0 tools.

At a technology forum earlier in the year I was invited to talk about Web 2.0 and the shape of learning for our Google kids. Though not sophisiticated you might like to view/listen to the presentation. Thanks to Stephen Abram for sharing some slides for the presentation.

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