Our Schools are Flat

Warlick: Our Schools are Flat

Originally uploaded by mstephens7.

David Warlick shares his presentation from the SLJ leadership summit, and I really appreciated this particular image. I picked this up from Michael Stephen’s Flickr collection – I’ve got him in my list of contacts.

So this image shows how not only schools are flat but we are getting flat too! From David to Michael to Judy, via flickr, and the blogging template embedded within Flickr, which I am testing now.

I am also reading The World is Flat by Thomas L Friedman. Wow!

He says in his introduction:

It is now possible for more people than ever to collaborate and compete in real time with more other people on more different kinds of work from more different corners of the planet and on a more equal footing than at any previous time in the history of the world – using computers, e=mail, fiber-optic netowrks, teleconferencing, and dynamic new software.

I am also listening in to the Fireside Chat of the K12 online conference via Skype!

Whether we like it or not our world is flat, and all the better for it,  when we recognise the amazing power of this new information landscape.

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