Graphical images everywhere!

Another librarian in comics, this time The Librarian, from the made-for-TV movie, Return to King Solomon’s Mines.

Flynn Carson, guardian of mystical artifacts scattered throughout world history! Originally appearing in the hugely popular made-for-cable film “The Librarian: Quest for the Spear”, Carson is back and this time his mission is to prevent the powerful Key of Solomon from falling into the hands of a ruthless warlord! He is joined in his quest by Emily Davenport, a beautiful fellow scientist who may be his only hope to locate the legendary Mines of King Solomon before it is too late!

Not to be outdone by movies and comics, we also have the microsoft powered LiveSearch of Ms Dewey – leaving many of us wondering if this new interface actually works!

Take a look and enjoy!

But it does have potential doesn’t it? in making the knowledge work of information seeking fun in the first instance and bringing a new interface to searching which just might hook kids?

It is a real ‘information’ problem – a globe of information – and the only discussion in some circles revolves around how to engage students with use of technology tools, forgetting that engagement involves cognitive and affective domains – i.e. I seek, I get confused, I want help, I don’t undersand, etc. While it is vital to learn to integrate technology and Web 2.0 thinking, it is also a gross error to assume that using technology = using our intelligence to full capacity.

Human knowledge is complex and requires deep thinking – and sometimes a deep capacity to search, find, sort and synthesise information, viewpoints and knowledge. 21st century wisdom builds on all that came before.

Let’s not forget the cognitive dimension of Web 2.0 and technology integration – and lets have fun with Ms Dewey and King Solomon’s mines.

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