This is the Real McCoy!

Michael Habib’s Masters Thesis: Academic Library 2.0
This is the Real McCoy!

I’ve just fininshed doing a batch of marking for Master’s students whose task it was to create pathways and electronic information packets for a chosen audience, and to analyse the development and implementation of these ……..and, well, they were nice ………. but not within ‘cooee‘ of what you can read in Michael Habib’s Masters Thesis for his MLS, which is available for download at

I’ve read through the paper twice, and was thrilled by two things.

  1. A university is allowing graduates to write about directions in a Web 2.0 world.
  2. The quality of Michael’s paper – which is just great!

The definition of Library 2.0 (and it’s purpose) is grounded in its roots in Web 2.0. Read cooee.jpgMichael’s paper as it is a great overview of Web 2.0, as well as being something of a compass for navigating ourselves through to a new future.

Of relevance to Australians is Michael’s discussion of intellectual freedom and knowledge usage.

He says:

…librarians have always trusted that the majority of their users strive to distinguish that which is good and true. This is the foundation of the principles of democracy, academic scholarship, and intellectual freedom. However, Academic Library 2.0 demands a more explicit trust in the majority. This explicit trust necessary for Library 2.0 is rooted in the principles of academic scholarship and intellectual freedom.

…..Information literacy classes would instruct students and faculty in the use of these and other Web 2.0 services. Instruction would also teach students about responsible content creation. This would include teaching them about intellectual property so that they could maintain appropriate control over their contributions

Michael also pushes more possibilities, e.g.

….An API would also be available to allow students and faculty to develop mashups of library system datasets and other datasets.

….A built in RSS reader would enable students to pull in data from various sources such as a friend’s favorites or new recommended materials. This would present students with a snapshot of what is occurring in their areas of study.

The thesis represents a good review of the Web 2.0 literature related to libraries, and poses some good ideas and templates. Michael plans to develop an Acadmic Library 2.0 Wiki to continue the conversation.

Good one Michael!! Congratualtions on making it to the end 🙂

Comments are welcome at his post:

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