Apple Conference – Day 2 Rocks

Led off by Greg Whitby, we had several sessions today that genuinely gave us the opportunity to review and reflect, and find some future directions. After asking some hard questions, we were fortunate to have some indepth case-studies, from different parts of Australia, showing how some successes were achieved.

Leadership is about asking intelligent questions. One of the most important questions to consider is  what niche schools have in the life our students. The issue is relevancy. Students, as we know from the inspirational presentations of Marco, are finding new ways about going about the learning process. Even in our mainstream schools with mainstream curriculum, students are embracing Web 2.0. So in looking at the future of schooling we can make good use of School 2.0 planning and ideas to challenge and reshape our focus.

We can run with Greg’s framework:

Enhancing student learning outcomes by individualising and integrating learning “learning with each other”


  • Building leadership teams and fostering innovation
  • Demonstrating new ways of learning and modelling good practice.


  • Investing in the appropriate tools for learning
  • Making schools more inclusive – new models.


  • Investing in individual professional growth and learning
  • Opening the school to the world – the world to the classroom, e.g. learning community’s projects.

Good day for collaborative thinking and learning! for leaders!

1 thought on “Apple Conference – Day 2 Rocks

  1. There are many educators who attempt to bring learning-to-learn and participatory culture learning experiences without support.

    What do we do about districts that distrust students and block Web 2.0 tools? What about the lack of technology infrastructure to make school learning relevant for Web 2.0 students?

    Who is talking with corporate and governmental decision-makers about funding and equipping schools for 21st-century learning?

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