Apple Conference – Marco Torres

marcos.jpgURGENT! URGENCY! From the heart! from Marco Torres

These senitments encaspsulate the vision and energy that drives his purpose and the acknowledgement of the learning needs of his students. It doesn’t need me to decribe the amazing creativity of his students. His own websites tell the story only too well.

Some ‘one-liners’ that make the point:

“We are arguing about the rearrangement of the deck chairs on the titanic”
Inspired by Einstein … “never memorize anything that you can look up”
“Some of the projects our students have done have changed policy”
“Let the students design their learning and discover their learning needs”

and for us in Australia……..”Los Angeles has more secondary students than Victoria”

We must create the opportunities for students to demonstrate learning – in a multimedia environment.

The importance of a visual, multimedia environment was amply demonstrated by a ‘tactic’ that Marcos has used at conferences.

Hand everyone a small card and ask them to list three major events that have had an impact on their lives. The result from all of these has been that ALL events have been visually recorded ones – and included the following in the top five: ‘man on the moon’, ‘bomb at hiroshima’, ‘image of kids running from naphalam attack in Vietnam’, ‘JFK assassination’, ‘ Challenger explosion’, and ‘Google earth’. This is a really good PD activity!

Better still was Marco’s example of the importance of sound as well. Take a paragraph out of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. Which one has the impact? The paragraph or the audio sound that we all know so well. Marco has asked students to change the text version- and it gets to look something like a ‘tag cloud’ style paragraph. This tip is just the kind of thing that design students work with when studying graphics – but still an effective strategy to make a point!

The power of image and the power of sound is what it vital.

Marco quoted Edna Mole: ” Be distinct or be extinct”.

His goal? To develop responsible citizens! and maybe college graduates.

Does your project have wings?

The new world needs creativity. We are connecting kids not machines!

Connect all the pieces: Family, Community, Peers, Personal.

So regardless of the education environment you find yourself in, you have three options. Which will you choose?


2 thoughts on “Apple Conference – Marco Torres

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  2. Uhhh… Regular network broadcasting began in the United States in 1946, and television became common in American homes by the middle 1950s… its not a big surprise it’s been “visually recorded” kind of a no brainer

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