Is the medium the message?

Response to Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

This recent video on YouTube continues the dialogue about the “The Medium is the Message”. It’s important not to be swept up by the ‘hype’ and to continue to focus on the value of the read/write web. I also like the way this video points us towards the future that SecondLife is busy developing. The blend between our various realities is hard for us to grasp………so let’s continue a healthy dialogue around all the issues and possibilities! Will you make the next video? 🙂

1 thought on “Is the medium the message?

  1. I really loved this video – thanks Judy! This will prove invaluable in staff training programs, because I feel the biggest web 2.0 hurdle to overcome is simply getting one’s head around the web as something which is now collectively ‘created’ and ‘edited’ by the average user. I agree that it’s important not to be swept up by the hype – especially in terms of this leading to possible conservative reactions to the use of social spaces and publishing information publically in blogs, etc. Nonetheless, it would appear that most educators are still behind where we could be – so if a bit of ‘hype’ helps us to get enthused about using the web more interactively in our lessons, then perhaps that can be useful.

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