Fun with Google Blog Search

googleblogsearch.jpgInspired by Classroom 2.0 at Ning! I decided to play around with Google Blog search, and created myself 3 feeds – School 2.0, Learning 2.0 and Library 2.0. I decided to subscribe to these with a daily email alert, and to plug these three into my blog right here for others to see and ‘play’ around with. Read the highlighted blog entries, or click on the RSS icon to go straight to the google feed! Neat!

Using this I can create a feed for a specific blog, using the Advanced Blog Search. Then I can subscribe to this by email, or pick up the RSS or Atom feed.  I could also combine some blogs [Not that I am doing this – but what this shows is the variety of options available to us once we go looking!].

Well, just a bit of fun, while I focus on administrivia at my desk, before Term 2 begins.

How many other things could you do with this RSS trick from GoogleBlog Search?


3 thoughts on “Fun with Google Blog Search

  1. Gee Quentin, you gave some of the secrets away!

    Actually thanks for posting this for the readers who haven’t explored the possibilities – and great to mention Yahoo Pipes as well. I’ve seen some very good uses of that too. Mashing up feeds for a purpose is pretty powerful (and fun) …. but still a new idea for many classroom teachers and school librarians. You last idea of the mini search engine is also highly relevant to anyone providing information or researching a topic…..or just blogging 🙂

  2. ahhh –

    Another advanced search feature might be creating an RSS feed using dates with posts written of a specific time period. Like the last 12 hours. That way you are always getting the freshest links appear.

    Or use the date set at Anytime and then I would use Yahoo Pipes to create my own mashup based on the feeds and organized by date. To create a mini search engine of these feeds, when someone asks me for a definition of the term “School 2.0”. I can search the feeds for the latest definition of an evolving term and see how it is changing.

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