Changing scope of social networking

I can’t begin to keep up with the range of social networking options that are available to me – and you! There is no doubt that the scenario put forward by those two canny journalists, Robin and Matt, back in 2005 with EPIC 2014, and EPIC 2015 is just happening and happening…….

I’ve been catching up on Twitter (should you or shouldn’t you?), playing around with Ning! (which needs a good focus to make it work well …. gosh, I belong to too many networks, and so for my money Ning is now too cumbersome for quick networking. However, I believe that a focused activity in Ning is very good for professional networking and project work).

But to go back to EPIC 2015 for a moment…..then take a look at NingVisualisation, and at Twittervision.

This morning Twitter gave me this; showed me Tumblr in action; and got me to explore Picnik. I got a peep into the lives of my professional colleagues who so readily shared their moments of insight with their friends. I am wondering where this is fitting into the learning needs of our students. The Horizon Project might help us work some of this out.

This cartoon catches bit of what is happening now in social networking 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Changing scope of social networking

  1. Hi Judy

    Funny cartoon!

    It’s amazing how the hours just slip away, isn’t it? I think there’s a black hole out there…. beware 😉 I just lost 11 days, I swear I don’t know where it went.

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