Capture the 20:20 Vision

We are not alone – not really! The global reach of ideas and subsequent inspiration we can draw from each other is just great! …….. and then the opportunity to share, and be willing to share, is the inspiration of Web 2.0…… communication, conversation, connection, community.

My recent trip to NewZealand gave me a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from academic, public and school librarians – all involved in education and preservation and promotion of culture.  We all have our own challenges – but it is not surprising when these challenges sound the same “across the ditch” – their expression, not mine 🙂

I had a wonderful visit to Broadgreen Intermediate – their school library is a design inspiration, which houses NewZealand art (on loan from museums), and reflects design and innovation throughout. I wrote more about this here.

Enjoy the snaps of this wonderful library. View slideshow

I was able to talk about the inspiration of global leaders in libraries. My slideshare is a cut-down version of the presentation, which provides the key links to online sites and videos used. There is a slide that features Michael Stephens, a favourite amongst New Zealand blog readers. It’s a great snap of Michael’s online identity!

Links used in the Web 2.0 workshops I ran for Web 2.0 newbies can be found at Workshop Time!

Congratulations to my New Zealand colleagues.

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