OpenID – Web [3.0] connections

As we move towards the Semantic Web world of Web 3.0, the question of online identity takes on another dimension. This is the matter of ‘single sign-on’ – something that we are just getting instituted across the network of all our 80 schools. Nice when organisations finally get that sorted.

But what about the Web platform? A feature article from April online journal Ariadne covers OpenID and the ability for a person to have ‘single sign-on’ across multiple OpenID-enabled services.

OpenID: Decentralised Single Sign-on for the Web takes a brief look at OpenID and asks what relevance it has to e-learning.

Proponents of Learning 2.0 and Personal Learning Environments argue that we are going to see far greater use of ‘informal’ Web 2.0 services as part of the delivery of learning in our ‘formal’ learning institutions (schools, colleges, universities, etc.). If we accept this argument, then the use of OpenID is likely to become increasingly important to our learners.

Our learners are likely to want an online identity (or several online identities) that span the different phases of their education and that span the individual institutions within any particular phase.

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2 thoughts on “OpenID – Web [3.0] connections

  1. OpenID is an important movement to Web 3.0. But it is not enough. OpenID solves the universal login problem. But how about the universal post problem? To the end, the universal login problem is only a subset of the universal post problem. This is why OpenID is valuable and important, but not enough to trigger the Web 3.0.

  2. Hi Judy, its interesting your post on the OpenID its important for developer for the pesonal learning enviroment, thanks for your blog… 🙂 and greetings from spain.

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