ClaimID for OpenID

ClaimID is the free way manage your online identity with OpenID.

No, I haven’t used it, but Michael Habib has! Michael belongs to that wonderful group of new graduates who are going to change the shape of libraries, so it makes sense that he already has a ClaimID.

Michael says: I use ClaimID to manage my online identity. ClaimID is a tool for collecting and annotating links related to me. Mathias Fischer says: ClaimID allows me to present my profile on the net.

Thanks to DoubleSlash for providing a Slideshare that outlines the relationship between OpenID and ClaimID.  Perhaps you will lay your claim?

ClaimID and Open ID raises further issues beyond the last post on OpenID, in relation to   learning, identity, authorship and attribution. This is clearly a developing field – and one that I imagine will intersect (and converge) with copyright and creative commons managment of online materials.  One to watch for the future.

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2 thoughts on “ClaimID for OpenID

  1. The whole Identity2.0 discussion is a very important one. I am a big fan of Dick Hardt from Sxip (if you ever find a podcast featuring him, listen to it!).
    OpenID seems to be flavor of the month, the Sxip guys have build a firefox extension that I am messing with. Would be interested in feedback on comparisons / the landscape in general.
    If you, Michael, or anyone else you know have the energy, check out the story of digital identity podcast series:
    Fang – Mike Seyfang

  2. I use ClaimId to organise myself: digital artifacts and services I am using. But I notice visits to my blogs coming from that “profile”. It certainly can give an idea of your interests at a glance.

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