CTLA Conference Time!

It was a lovely autumn day today and a good day to enjoy before the winter doldrums set it. I was very happy to spend time again with my friends who teach in Christian Schools – an hour and a half talking about creativity and learning in a Web 2.0 World.

Welcome to Heyjude 🙂

As promised, here is the presentation – ready for your homework!

5 thoughts on “CTLA Conference Time!

  1. Thanks Judy for your presentation. I was really excited but overwhelmed at how far things have gone. I came back to school very motivated and started playing in the sandpit. I look forward to doing some hands on sessions.

  2. To Jude from Judy
    You really fired me up, Jude. Appreciate your creative, God- given energy. Can’t wait to spend time discovering some of the weblearning stuff you gave us a taste of. Have to wait till Ive finished my Uni assignment, tho.
    Luv, Judy

  3. If you are having trouble viewing the presentation on your computer, just go to the main site (click on slideshare) and take the option to download the pdf copy of the presentation. While that might take a little while to download, at least it will provide you with a secure copy to use any way you like.

  4. Yes, thanks Judy. We all learnt a great deal. I don’t think our school network is up to half of it tho’. The presentation won’t load on my computer so I can’t view it even! Any ideas on what I need to make it work?

  5. Thanks Judy – we had lots of very positive feedback on the evaluations, and we have had many requests for you to do more next year – particularly workshops! It was a terrific session.

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