Bibliography blues?

BibMe is a fully automatic and free bibliography maker. You can create, and save your bibliographies until you are ready to download. Looks good – really easy to use! Does APA, MLA and Chicago formatting for a full range of media.

From KairosNews:

This is the most exciting citation generator I’ve played with in a while. I’ve been using sites like for years, but BibMe, which was developed this spring by Information Systems students at Carnegie Mellon University seems simpler to use and more extensive in its scope than most other tools around. Just go play with it. It seems pretty fantastic.

I agree!

[Thanks to Chris Harris from the School Library Journal blog,  this is now cross-posted at iLibrarian.

1 thought on “Bibliography blues?

  1. Where on earth was this when I was still studying? I’ll have to recommend this to the student teachers we’ve got at school at the moment – the ACU Faculty of Education uses APA (or at least it did a few years ago), making this a very useful tool!

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