Many ways to come together

I’ve just read an excellent post at Library Clips about Blogs: the many ways “many” come together. It’s just the sort of post that makes terrific sense to a blogger – and which is well beyond the usual “why we blog and what we can do with blogging” kind of conversation.

For a relative newbie (just one year of blogging) it is fascinating to see how things are shaping up. There are so many options involvement and networking within and beyond groups. Like the kids, who have migrated from Friendster to Myspace to Beebo to….. we adults are also migrating.

Facebook is shaping up to be a pretty interesting tool – that’s my current focus for experimentation – and lots of good Australian bloggers are joining in. There are lots of great groups to join (just like Ning), but I like the clean interface, and the lack of blogging! I am so glad that I can join or leave a group as I want – has Ning solved this problem?

One particular FaceBook App had me grinning 🙂
Thanks to David Ward (at FaceBook), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library has a a handy widget that searches the UIUC Library catalogue, as well as some of their journal article databases, right from Facebook. It’s convenient! and cool!

I’m ‘Judy O’Connell’ at FaceBook – add me as a friend!

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