JumpCut for video-editing

boat1.jpgboat1.jpgIf your school can’t afford to invest in video-editing software, Jumpcut offers a low-cost alternative to getting students and staff up and running on innovative projects that incorporate digital video.

Students actually make online videos directly in Jumpcut’s browser—editing, mixing, and adding music on-site. They can then post them, YouTube-style, for parents to view.

If you have used this, have you got any feedback?

5 thoughts on “JumpCut for video-editing

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  2. yes I’ve used it Judy. Kids need no time at all to do it. Movie Maker is a dog of a program, no wonder it is free (almost). Allows kids to collaborate on content which they like. The only problem in my school is that some of the ‘other’ content contains footage of a more, lets say, risky nature or has silly stunts in it, which prevents its roll out. Works well with lo-end still cameras with video settings and mobile phones.

    An easy way into the concepts behind non-linear editing. Just be aware that on the internet kids can link to other pages that may contain bikini’s and babes, so teachers need to be vigilant.

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