Information design for the web has changed

A quick post, specially for my teaching colleagues, who I know are regularly engaging their students in issues about web media, communications and design.

Here is a good overview, from Infotangle, that looks at current trends in website and application design in the post Information Design for the New Web.

Principles of Information Design for the New Web

People are changing the way that they consume online information, as well as their expectations about its delivery. The social nature of the Web brings with it an expectation of interaction with information and modern Web design is reflecting that.

  • Keep it Simple – Include only necessary functionality and provide a clean efficient design.
  • Make it Social – Meet users expectations by enabling connections through social tools.
  • Offer Alternate Navigation – Reflect the Zeitgeist of the website community and embrace alternate pathways to information including utilizing visual tools.

New Web Philosophies

  • Evolve – Today’s Website creators aren’t afraid to try new things. There is no right answer and everything doesn’t need to be figured out at the outset.
  • Be Nimble – Respond to advances in technology and changes in market needs. Be willing to abandon bad ideas
  • Be Open – Issue and API and design badges and widgets for your users – or they will design them for you.

Read the full post.

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