Facebooking Heyjude

The API rollout continues – Facebook now has a WordPress application feature. So I am adding it to my Facebook account, and writing this post from Facebook, just to see how it works.

I guess it is pretty basic right now – just text – and I can’t see my categories to choose the right tags (this is important for people who are not just doing random ‘thought generated’ blogging). Will putting in a new tag create a new category? Don’t know, so I will put in ‘Facebook’ and see what happens. But really, no complaints -small steps lead to big changes!

1 thought on “Facebooking Heyjude

  1. The answer is – yes, a new tag does create a new category. So for now, if I blog via Facebook I have to ‘remember’ my categories. Not so good, but then I could always edit tags later on I guess!

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