Who says….

………..that Twitter isn’t catching on?

Reading Emerging Technology Trends and Diamonds are fuel cells’ best friends. Did you know that researchers have “invented a method to make oxides such as cubic zirconia (zirconium oxide) with extremely small grain sizes, on the order of 15 nanometers. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, or the size of a few atoms. At that scale, the crystals conduct electricity very well, through the movement of protons. The material could be used in fuel cells that are based on chemical oxides.”

This is what caught my eye…

There are 180 followers since April 08.

This puts a whole new spin on RSS. I can see the value of joining a twitter feed for ‘breaking news’.

It’s interesting to speculate how twitter might be used in schools? But my speculation drew a pretty big blank – can’t imagine what value it might add right now! Everything I thought of was answered in my mind with another application. You might like to prove me wrong?

1 thought on “Who says….

  1. Judy, I’m wondering about twitter and skype also.
    I signed up for skype so that I could access David Jake’s coverage of BLC. I still haven’t had much success with the “chat” option. The transcript of today’s skyping makes my head swim:

    1. I’m a visual learner and can’t deal with all of that text
    2. It’s not in an easily-followed order
    3. I can’t imagine myself simultaneously listening to a speaker and carrying on a conversation with a number of other people.

    When someone enlightens you, please share the insights with me!

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