Bebo helps student bloggers!

liz.jpgWorking with Elizabeth and Year 6 students at Good Shepherd Primary, I spent the day helping with the configuration of a Student Edublog for each of her students. We did this in small groups, and asked students to do their Procedural Writing as we went through the process. As a result of their writing, these Year 6 students will be able to ‘teach’ Year 6 students in another class how to do these same steps.

This is just the beginning of the adventure for these students – and later in the year we hope to see good critical reflection and ongoing engagement with personal learning. Elizabeth said “It was fantastic to see that every student could actively participate in this new learning project, and no-one was left behind”. Some of the girls were very excited. Some were quiet and concentrated hard on this new learning experience. The boys were somewhere in-between.

What was particularly interesting to us was the numbers of students who are already active users of Bebo! and who are able to bring their social networking experiences into this new learning environment.

These students have been approached to run a workshop with the Principal, AP, and the School Councillor, to teach them how to ‘get into blogging’! Fantastic work kids 🙂

Thanks very much Elizabeth for the opportunity to learn right alongside you and your students. What we are doing will help many others in our schools.

7 thoughts on “Bebo helps student bloggers!

  1. Liz,
    It is great to hear how successful your day was working the children and to see how excited both you and your students are to take the next step and progress into the future world of web 2.0.

  2. Congrats!
    Seeing what the children are doing is fascinating! Their motivation and engagement is catchy.And because it is purposeful to their learning,it is valuable.I am looking forward to being a subject of the peer tutoring program.
    Great work! Mary

  3. Hey girl
    YOU DEFINITELY SIZZLE! I’m hooked and would like to walk this path as well. I think this is an awesome , inspiring and energising opportunity for our students – one they will cherise forever. Your passion for driving the curriculum in the area of technology is uplifting. Not only will this lead to improving their writing but provide them with a powerful vehicle to communicate locally and universally. The world has become a connected space! thanks for setting up this great learning environment. LUV BeauLAH

  4. Fantastic! It only takes one or 2 positive and successful experiences for the whole staff to pick up on it.

    So much of what we do is groundbreaking (for us) and seems insurmountable – until we hear stories like this.

    ‘…every student..’ This is the strength of these activities – the way that that every student will get involved in a very meaningful way.
    This is what learning 2.0 is about.

  5. Well done Elizabeth!
    The power and appeal of having a chance to post, rather than simply comment on Teacher directed posts will be enormous. The opportunities you are giving your students are just so invaluable. I loved the idea of peer teaching that this opportunity also provided…
    Good on you for leading the way!

  6. I think this is a great opportunity that Elizabeth has presented to her students. It is a learning journey for all of us as we present web2.0 tools to students in the classroom. The students are interested, engaged and reflective when they use blogs as a class so the potential for their own blog is just enormous – we have one girl who is blogging outside of school hours on a regular basis. Something we didn’t think a student like her would be doing! It’s great to have this “type” of student recognising that learning is going beyond the school and that she can access something meaningful to her on the web. Great work Cuz!!

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