Web 2.0…..looking pretty juicy


Last Friday I spent a full day with teachers from Coffs Harbour and beyond, at a Web 2.0 Workshop. It was a great opportunity to work with teachers from different parts of northern NSW, and to hear from them what was happening in their schools in relation to online learning. It was a very busy day – but these great teachers were not flagging – but calling for follow-up workshops to help continue their learning and sharing of tools and ideas.

I’ll be back again in Coffs Harbour in a few weeks – this time at an ICT conference, where I’ll do a Keynote and more workshops.

So to make this learning more flexible for those attending these sessions, and for others that I am working with closer to home, I have put together Judy’s Web 2.0 Notes – which is designed specifically for those new to Web 2.0.


If you are just beginning your adventure into Web 2.0 e-learning, then this blog is for you!

These ‘notes’ provide an introduction to the Read/Write web, covering key information, tips, tricks and links to help you enjoy your journey into Web 2.0 e-learning in your school.

Many thanks to Mary Help of Christians Primary, Sawtell, for hosting the workshop, and for Sharon’s great organisation (and yummy baking)!


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