You smoke! You die!….for literacy.

year-6.jpg Literacy is still the focus for our project work at Good Shepherd this week – today it was Year 6 using Photostory to consolidate their learning about ‘smoking’.

After doing their research from the Cancer Council about the dangers of smoking, Megan asked the students to create a poster representing a key aspect of these dangers for an anti-smoking advertisment campaign. Students created a storyboard for their work, and were then able to record a supporting statement for each poster. Put these together – and bingo! a podcast of their own about the dangers of smoking. This was all ‘first time’ for these students – and the integration of visual, text and audio literacy skills were the bonus learning experience. Love your work Megan 🙂

4 thoughts on “You smoke! You die!….for literacy.

  1. Megan,
    You and your class have done great job. I would love to see how the rest of your class went with his task.

  2. Megan this is a great integration of Web 2 tools and your learning program.A fantastic way to engage the kids.thankyou for all you are doing to motivate and skill the kids. Well done.

  3. Dear Megan
    I am thrilled. Didn’t realise the power of Web 2.0 tools. One moment we’re there in the staffroom seeing your work in action and 20 minutes later its out there on the WWW! amazing – Thank you for providing the students in your class with the opportunity to take their learning to a higher level. Your passion, skills and expertise does the trick. This is IN TIME LEARNING IN ACTION. This is text type moving up. Thank you for taking our literacy focus on board and sustaining our efforts with your project. Beaulah – pass this on to Jamie – can’t wait for the fritters ala cinnamon toast fricassee

  4. Megan,
    I can’t believe you were able to record all of your groups before lunch time. I have much to learn o great one.

    Thankyou for all of your mentoring in the use of web2.0. Your guidance has enabled a whole community to prosper. “You plant the seed and it will grow”
    Thankyou from all at Good Shepherd.

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