Procedure packs a punch! Cool Year 1!

Language learning is the most critical component of young students learning experiences. Jamie, Co-ordinator of the Literacy and Web 2.0 project, teaches Year 1, and decided to bring Writing Procedures to life!


Enter ‘cooking’ and loads of fruit, bread, juice, butter, cinnamon and more! Yikes – so much preparation, and all essential for embedding good understanding of writing procedures.

So today’s work was about using technology tools to enhance literacy learning, and was the culmination of a very busy week. Jamie showed them the steps, carefully engaging the students, so they understood the steps. Then each child was able to navigate the computer, and do their own sequencing and recording. Photos, narration and publishing made Year 1 very happy little people – and this was just their first time!

All the teachers are sharing their digital resources in a number of different ways – wikispaces, podcasting, and videosharing on Teacher Tube, which allows teachers to create their own groups space, and share videos about the topics that the student is working on. The ongoing blend of Web 2.0 tools are important – and these teachers will continue their exploration of many different Web 2.0 tools.

The great thing about the project so far is the diversity of tools, both Mac and PC, that are being used for the first time, and in a co-ordinated fashion across the school. While the students are experiencing different learning opportunities – so are the teachers! Just you keep ‘packing a punch’ Jamie as you keep working with your fabulous team 🙂

3 thoughts on “Procedure packs a punch! Cool Year 1!

  1. I love the work samples of the year 1 students. Brilliant work Year 1.

    Jamie has added tremendous expertise to Good Shepherd. The seeds of web 2.0 have been planted and are rapidly growing within our school community. After only a few weeks since beginning the Focus on Learning 5 project many teachers are seeking assistance to develop the use of web 2.0 into the quality teaching practices within their classrooms. The benefits for our students are enormous.

    The members of the FOL5 project have all contributed their own areas of knowledge creating a highly motivated and proficient group. We are working collaboratively with the Good Shepherd staff to create an environment for learning that embraces quality teaching practises for students in this communication age. Well done to all involved and thank you Judy for your guidance and support.

  2. Great job year 1!
    What a great way for young children to learn about procedures. I hope they got to taste the products they created.

  3. I have just been to my first cooking school online and it has been great fun! Congratulations on all that has been achieved for the community using these Web 2 tools and for exposing us to the possibilities that these tools create.This is creatively exciting.Congrats!

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