Cyber safety – Aussie tools and resources

The Austalian Federal Government’s NetAlert website and telephone hotline, where families can download free internet filters and obtain net safety advice, was updated today with some new services.

The hotline, which can be reached at 1800 880 176, started taking calls from 8am.

The provision of content filters is an interesting initiative, but will it work? There is a comparison table of the content filters, so let’s wait to hear the feedback as to how good (or useless) the free internet filters really are. Teachers should be able to provide very good feedback, as we have been grappling with safety issues in schools – for what now seems like ‘forever’.

In the meantime, there are some good online Education programs that can be used by primary or secondary teachers – anywhere in the world really.




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1 thought on “Cyber safety – Aussie tools and resources

  1. I love it when nOObs in the government try and hook into a sub culture they don’t understand … personally I liked the green cross man. Guess these must be for K-6 and parents … they should have looked on YouTube, there are some great student make clips up there on these topics, saved themselves a heap of cash …

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