Hello to all the students :-)

OK, I have to admit, this is spooky.

I am sure that Will, or Ewan, or Michael or Sue are used to using their blogs (or having their blogs used) as part of a program of study at various university or other graduate education courses.

However in the last 6 months I have noticed the odd link to course programs etc. in the backlinks to Heyjude. Amazing I thought! Even more amazing when a friend forwarded a copy of their uni assignment to me – a review of HeyJude πŸ™‚

But in the last few months things have been getting busier, and recently there has been a bit more of a flurry.

So R U in ED2203?

I’ve read some of your work, and seen the interesting Web 2.0 tools that you are being asked to investigate and discuss. It’s great to see Web 2.0 getting into uni programs. But I am wondering how much depth is being applied? Who teaches you ‘power’ use of Web 2.0 tools?

I’m alluding here to what I think is the same problem that we face helping our teachers in schools learn about Web 2.0. In the beginning it is always just the basics – and often I find that that is where many teachers seem to stay – missing the full potential for supporting learning, because they can’t get there themselves, and their is no-one to guide them.

What we need is a TeachMeet07 of our very own to “Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused”. The Scottish model seems a great one.

Who can take up this challenge?

11 thoughts on “Hello to all the students :-)

  1. The buzz at and after the last Glasgow TeachMeet was just fantastic. Watching it come together on the wiki was interesting (and slightly scary) and then to step into the room that had been booked and find it was standing room only with people spilling out into the hallway was amazing.

    I hope you manage to get something similar off the ground at your end of the world… and I’m looking forward to following how it goes through blogs and Flickr and social networks and… whatever else comes along. πŸ™‚

  2. “It’s great to see Web 2.0 getting into uni programs. But I am wondering how much depth is being applied? Who teaches you β€˜power’ use of Web 2.0 tools?”

    My first response as a teacher educator enconsed in the ivory tower (as opposed to those teacher educators like ur good self in the virtual world) was to take offence at your tone of surprise that things such as Web2.0 were actually discussed in teacher education programs but I took a deep breath and then thought about your excellent point about depth of professional learning.

    Teacher education programs can tend to the whistle-stop tour of pedagogical recipes because of the demand of time limits and graduate certification bodies (no-one has asked us to tick the Web2.0 box yet tho’). In this climate, how much depth can be applied to any topic of importance to teacher education students? My rationale is that if I can prepare teachers to begin to teach with an ongoing commitment to professional learning then they will “teach’ themselves to their required depth.

    So if teacher education students graduate with an open-minded and enquiring attitude towards the entire range of professional learning challenges then pedagogical opportunities like Web2.0 will be open to them.

    In the meantime Judy keep up the open source inspiration

  3. Thanks for mentioning me although I am not sure Universities courses are using my sites (although I believe Catholic education must be linking to my wiki).

    Well the biggest event this year is MLearn 2007, where educators from around Australia, and overseas will be flocking into Melbourne (in October). May be worth seeing if a meetup could be organised just prior to the conference. Many of the people from WA are flying in on the weekend prior to the conference.


  4. I think I might need to come back down under after my NZ trip in October and use a TeachMeet as the excuse for doing so. If you can find a conference that needs a workshop leader or keynoter with a dodgy accent, then I’ll get the sponsorship and venue together πŸ˜‰

  5. Judy

    I would like a Teachmeet here in oz. The time zones kill my participation in the Northern hemisphere stuff.
    Could I help organise one? No chance at this stage… I’m still in the sorting out how to drink from the fire hose and getting the occasional post up stage. And as for using Web2.0 in teaching I am still only using very simple tools to communicate with parents (and fighting for the right to do that in my school)..
    So yes… if anyone could get one up… I’d love to participate as best as I can… It’s have to be virtual… as I’m in Perth.

  6. Hey Judy,

    Great idea here… What an honour to have future teachers spending time looking through your thoughts and observations. It has been a while since we last caught up… You coming to ITSC again this year? I am back in the school world and free from restrictions of the past (you should know what I mean by that….) πŸ™‚

    I just wrote about the idea of having a student forum on many of these issues and more!! Talk soon

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